Thymus derived (T) lymphocyte subsets restore the immune responsiveness of Peyer's patch lymphocytes from mice fed a diet reduced in protein

Thomas M. Petro, Joann A. Wess

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The principal immunoglobulin (Ig) that inhibits absorption of intact dietary protein and microbial colonization of the small intestine is secretory IgA produced by lamina propria plasma cells terminally differentiated from B lymphocytes of the Peyer's patches (PP). To determine the effect of reduced dietary protein upon the ability of PP lymphocytes to differentiate into IgA-secreting plasma cells, weanling female BDF mice were fed either a 20% casein (20C) or a 4% casein (4C) diet for 5 to 6 weeks. Mice were then orally primed with sheep erythrocytes (SRBC) four times during a 2-week period to initiate differentiation of PP lymphocytes to anti-SRBC IgA production. Both the PP and splenic lymphocytes of primed mice were incubated with SRBC in vitro to evaluate the capacity to terminally differentiate to anti-SRBC IgA- and IgM-secreting plasma cells upon antigenic stimulation. The in vitro IgA and IgM anti-SRBC immune response of PP lymphocytes from mice fed 4C was significantly lower than the immune response of PP from 20C-fed mice. In contrast, splenic IgM and IgA in vitro immune responses to SRBC of orally primed 4C-fed mice were higher than the response of 20C-fed mice. Addition of Lyt1+ T lymphocytes from SRBC-primed donor mice or Interleukin 2 (IL2) to the in vitro PP lymphocyte cultures partially restored the anti-SRBC IgA and IgM immune responses of mice fed 4C. These results strongly suggest that mice fed a diet low in protein possess a PP T-lymphocyte populations that is unable to support a local IgA or IgM immune response, while at the same time possessing a splenic lymphocyte population that has increased capability to mount a systemic IgA and IgM immune response.

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JournalNutrition Research
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 1987
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  • Interleukin 2
  • Secretory IgA
  • T lymphocyte subsets
  • protein malnutrition

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