Transplanted BM and BM side population cells contribute progeny to the lung and liver in irradiated mice

S. Abe, G. Lauby, C. Boyer, S. I. Rennard, J. G. Sharp

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Background: BM cells have been shown to give rise to progeny of various cell lineages, including cells in lung and liver. This investigation evaluated whether purified BM mononuclear cells and side population (SP) cells that have hematopoietic stem-cell activity also had this property; whether a TBI preparative regimen was necessary for engraftment; and where BM-derived cells were engrafted. Methods: Either 1-3 million BM mononuclear cells or 2000 BM SP cells from transgenic enhanced green fluorescent protein-expressing (EGFP) mice were transplanted i.v. to unirradiated or 7-9.5 Gy irradiated recipients. Results: Flow cytometric analysis showed that lung cells (mean 45%, range 4-70%) and liver cells (mean 4%, range 0.4-8.3%) from irradiated, but not unirradiated recipients, were EGFP donor-derived. Similar results were obtained transplanting BM mononuclear cells or SP cells. Morphologically, donor-derived cells in the lung were primarily monocytes and macrophages. Additionally, lung fibroblasts and type I, but not type II, alveolar cells and rare cells in the bronchial epithelium were donor BM derived. In the liver, Kupffer cells, inflammatory cells and small clusters of hepatocytes, but not bile duct cells, were donor-derived. Discussion: BM mononuclear and SP cells generated progeny in some compartments of the lung and liver, but only in TBI recipients. Stem cells in BM can contribute to repair of tissue injury in some compartments, but not to the same extent in the lung and liver.

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StatePublished - 2003


  • Bone marrow
  • Irradiation
  • Lung and liver repopulation
  • Side population cell

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