Use of car restraints for children: size of problem, intervention strategies

R. Gofin

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Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of mortality and disability in children. Most of the fatalities and serious injuries to children travelling in cars can be prevented by use of appropriate car restraints. However, according to 2 studies carried out in Jerusalem, most children are not properly restrained when riding in motor vehicles. In a study of 500 children up to the age of 14, only 8% were properly restrained. In a study of 400 women after childbirth, only 8% reported that they planned to take their infants home from hospital properly restrained. This important public health problem should be addressed through health promotion programs. The programs should include amending the present law, education and information, increasing accessibility of car restraints by cost reduction and/or arrangements for loan, and the use of incentives. Parents, health professionals, decision-makers and the community should consider passenger safety in motor vehicles as a high-priority issue.

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StatePublished - May 1 1990

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