Visualization of a ferromagnetic metallic edge state in manganite strips

Kai Du, Kai Zhang, Shuai Dong, Wengang Wei, Jian Shao, Jiebin Niu, Jinjie Chen, Yinyan Zhu, Hanxuan Lin, Xiaolu Yin, Sy Hwang Liou, Lifeng Yin, Jian Shen

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Recently, broken symmetry effect induced edge states in two-dimensional electronic systems have attracted great attention. However, whether edge states may exist in strongly correlated oxides is not yet known. In this work, using perovskite manganites as prototype systems, we demonstrate that edge states do exist in strongly correlated oxides. Distinct appearance of ferromagnetic metallic phase is observed along the edge of manganite strips by magnetic force microscopy. The edge states have strong influence on the transport properties of the strips, leading to higher metal-insulator transition temperatures and lower resistivity in narrower strips. Model calculations show that the edge states are associated with the broken symmetry effect of the antiferromagnetic charge-ordered states in manganites. Besides providing a new understanding of the broken symmetry effect in complex oxides, our discoveries indicate that novel edge state physics may exist in strongly correlated oxides beyond the current two-dimensional electronic systems.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number6179
JournalNature communications
StatePublished - Feb 4 2015

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